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Groups and Availability

We run training for the age groups as below.

Unfortunately, many of our age groups are running at capacity.  To find out more and/or reserve a place for your child please use our contact page.


These are our youngest players starting at 7 years of age (School year 3).

Coaching concentrates on basic skills and ball control and the emphasis is on having fun!

While the minis do have any a league matches, they are introduced to competitive play through mini-tournaments.

U12 Mixed Team

Training and coaching for this group is more structured with this group, with a focus on good positioning and teamwork.

They play in the Buckinghamshire U12 Mixed League.

U14 Mixed Team

The training and coaching for this age group provides more focus on tactics and strategy, while still re-enforcing fundamentals.

This team currently plays in the Bucks U14 Mixed League.

U16 Boys

Training is more physical. More advanced concepts and offensive strategies are coached at this level.

They compete in the Herts U16 Boys League.

U18 Boys

The training for this team is comprehensive and extensive.

They compete in the Herts U18 Boys League.

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