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Well Done. Juniors.

Last weeks play-off finals have put a pin in the work for the season with all teams handling themselves capably.

The U12s did well to make semi-finals, but were bested by overall winners Titans.

Our U14s did well during the week to ensure a spot in the playoff and played well in the semis - only to narrowly lose to the Scorpions, who then went on to lose the finals by 1 pt.

The U16 lads had a bit of a disappointing day against league winners Comets in the final, but should be congratulated on second place in league. Some hard work and focus on fundamentals leading into summer should place us on an even more competitive footing next year.

Lastly, congrats to the U18s - league and playoff winners this year. Definitive payoff for all the extra work you guys have been put in over the years.

The next few months (before summer) will see a re-focus on fundamentals as we start to build towards and even better 2018/19 season. See you all at training.

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